UK Esports Awards 2019 panelists revealed

The UK Esports Awards is proud to reveal the 7 panellists for the 2019 UK Esports Awards.

These 7 core members of the UK Esports industry were chosen for their diversity of game and profession, and for in-depth knowledge of everything UK Esports. They will vote each finalist in each category by ranking them, and then the winner will be determined by the most amount of votes.

Four panelists will be coming back from the first year of the UK Esports Awards:

Graham ‘Messioso’ Pitt
Director Esports Operations for RFRSH Entertainment

Tom ‘Tridd’ Underwood
Commentator and Host

Ryan Hart
Presenter and Caster

Thomas ‘Gumpster’ Gumbleton
EpicLan Esports Manager

Three new panelist will also join us:

Dominic Sacco
Editor-in-Chief for Esports News UK

Charlie Tizard
Esports Manager at Belong

James ‘Bakery’ Baker
Business Development Manager for Dignitas

Don’t forget to save the date for August 3rd, when the live show which will be streamed on the UKCSGO Twitch channel

Ben Jepson