UK Esports Awards finalists revealed

The nominations have been compiled, the team has sifted through them and we can now announce the finalists for the UK Esports Awards powered by G FUEL.

An expert panel consisting of seven judges - to be announced in the next few days - have taken the time to choose the winners who will be revealed live on stream on Saturday July 7th from 6pm by our two presenters

The awards are for those working in the esports industry within the UK, or who have worked in it over the past year. Finalists are nomination-based.

Please note the Team/Organisation of the Year awards have been merged, as have the Banter of the Year/Wooden Spoon awards, due to there being a crossover and a range of similar nominations received in each.

If you have been nominated, you will be contacted shortly with more information on the night.

Here are the categories and finalists in full: 



Player of the Year

This recognises a standout player with outstanding ability and promise for the future.

  • Owen "smooya" Butterfield
  • Tom "Tommey" Trewren
  • Euan "Tadpole" Ingram
  • James "The Governor" Gove
  • Marco "TAkko" Watters


Manager of the Year

This award is for someone who has shown valuable leadership, mentorship and coaching skills within UK esports. It can be an organisation manager, owner, coach or other executive, for example.

  • Colin "CoJo" Johnson
  • Kalvin "KalKal" Chung
  • Mike "Gregan" Ellis
  • Jeff Simpkins
  • Ryan "Barnetto" Barnett


Team/Organisation of the Year


Awarded to a top grassroots UK esports organisation that has demonstrated exceptional ability, a professional attitude and has made a real effort to push UK esports forwards.

  • Team Heir
  • exceL Esports
  • Team Endpoint
  • Vexed Gaming
  • MnM Gaming



Caster of the Year

Recognises a play-by-play or colour caster for their knowledge, own unique style and ability to engage and captivate the audience, turning almost every match into an exciting esports spectacle.

  • Dan Gaskin
  • Jack "Jacky" Peters
  • Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley
  • Alex "Snodz" Byfield
  • Owen "ODPixel" Davies


Presenter of the Year

A good esports host can be the glue that holds an event together, and this award is for the UK scene’s best.

  • Frankie Ward
  • Chris "Stealth" Curtis
  • Dan Gaskin
  • Jessica "Rage Darling" King
  • Matt Andrews 


Streamer of the Year


This award looks to promote an entertaining UK-based gamer who engages their audience with composure and enthusiasm.

  • Cole and Stumpy (SubParButInHD) 
  • Steve McNeil
  • Jessica "Rage Darling" King
  • Justin "KingJae" Nelson
  • Craig "onscreen" Shannon


Tournament of the Year


Highlighting a stand-out event, whether online, offline or both, that was exciting to watch with outstanding presentation, organisation and memorable moments.

  • Heir
  • CWL Birmingham
  • York Showdown
  • Gfinity Elite Series
  • National University Esports League
  • epic.LAN
  • ESL Premiership
  • GAME Belong Arena Clash



Admin of the Year

Recognising the most reliable, consistent and fair esports tournament admin/referee.

  • Matt Loftus
  • Declan Murphy
  • Michael "Cynil" Parsons
  • Jasmine "Veracity" Kanuga
  • Jonathan "PacWac" McShane

One admin asked to be omitted from the awards due to personal reasons


Photographer of the Year

This photographer, whether in-house or freelance, has an eye for a brilliant image, and has captured an iconic moment or series of moments in UK esports.

  • Charlotte "CharlottesArtz" Peers
  • Joe Brady
  • Liam "Griizzly"
  • James Townley
  • Sammy Lam
  • Katy Eyre


Videographer of the Year

Awarding a person with top video editing and production skills.

  • Rhys Rassmussen
  • Tobias Tobé
  • Ashley Renshaw
  • William Dunnigan
  • Jamie "Project Flux" Dodson 


Reporter of the Year

This reporter – whether a written journalist or video reporter – has given exceptional coverage to UK esports.

  • Michael "DuckMoriarty" Moriarty
  • Jacob Hale
  • Mike Kent 
  • Adam Fitch


Service Provider of the Year

Highlights a business or person that provides a valuable product or service to the UK esports community.

  • Gamers Apparel
  • epic.LAN
  • Red Bull Gaming Sphere
  • Raven
  • FaceIT


Backstage Hero

This aims to recognise an unsung hero that doesn’t fall into the other Backstage categories listed above, for example a consistently brilliant observers or reliable member of production staff.

  • Daniel Davis
  • Rachel Gaskin
  • Will Attwood
  • Jessica "Mintopia" Smith
  • Paul Kent


Memes and Dreams

Banter of the Year/Wooden Spoon Award

Don’t let your memes be dreams, they said. This person, team or event either provided much-needed humour in UK esports over the past year and/or carried out an epic fail in UK esports. Because it’s the taking part that counts too.

The winner of this special award will be announced on the night!


Find out who the winners are on Saturday July 7th from 6pm on the UKCSGO Twitch channel.


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Dom Sacco