UK Esports Awards categories announced and nominations open

The UK Esports Awards powered by G FUEL categories have been revealed – there are 16 of them in total running across four separate sub-categories.

We reached out to the community and over the past month or so we’ve been reading through all your suggestions for the awards. We’ve come up with the following.

Firstly, the Gaming category recognises the top players and teams in the UK scene. The Presentation section highlights casters, desk hosts, streamers and tournaments, while the Backstage category aims to promote those working behind the scenes, like admins, videographers and more.

There’s even a Banter of the Year Award, because, well, would it really be a UK esports event if there wasn’t?

The awards are for those working in the esports industry within the UK, or who have worked in it over the past year.

Nominations are open now, so make sure you put forward people and teams to be up for an award, and the reasons why you’ve nominated them.

The event location and other details including judging panel are to be revealed at a later date.

You can check out the full list of categories – and info on each award – below:


Player of the Year
This recognises a standout player with outstanding ability and promise for the future.

Team of the Year
Highlighting a roster that has performed exceptionally well together and has made a noteworthy achievement.

Manager of the Year
This award is for someone who has shown valuable leadership, mentorship and coaching skills within UK esports. It can be an organisation manager, owner, coach or other executive, for example.

Organisation of the Year
Awarded to a top grassroots UK esports organisation that has demonstrated exceptional ability, a professional attitude and has made a real effort to push UK esports forwards.


Caster of the Year
Recognises a play-by-play or colour caster for their knowledge, own unique style and ability to engage and captivate the audience, turning almost every match into an exciting esports spectacle.

Presenter/Host of the Year
A good esports host can be the glue that holds an event together, and this award is for the UK scene’s best.

Streamer of the Year
This award looks to promote an entertaining UK-based gamer who engages their audience with composure and enthusiasm.

Tournament of the Year
Highlighting a stand-out event, whether online, offline or both, that was exciting to watch with outstanding presentation, organisation and memorable moments.


Admin of the Year
Recognising the most reliable, consistent and fair esports tournament admin/referee.

Photographer of the Year
This photographer, whether in-house or freelance, has an eye for a brilliant image, and has captured an iconic moment or series of moments in UK esports.

Videographer of the Year
Awarding a person with top video editing and production skills.

Reporter of the Year
This reporter – whether a written journalist or video reporter – has given exceptional coverage to UK esports.

Service Provider
Highlights a business or person that provides a valuable product or service to the UK esports community.

Backstage Hero
This aims to recognise an unsung hero that doesn’t fall into the other Backstage categories listed above, for example a consistently brilliant observers or reliable member of production staff.


Banter of the Year
Don’t let your memes be dreams, they said. This person, team or event provided much-needed humour in UK esports over the past year.

Wooden Spoon Award
This is awarded to someone who has carried out an epic fail in UK esports. Because it’s the taking part that counts too.



There’s been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes since we launched, and we have a few nuggets of information to release over the next week. For now, we’re also pleased to announce that we have a date set for our live show.

The first UK Esports Awards powered by G FUEL will be streamed live on Twitch on Saturday June 30th 2018, so save the date and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements coming soon.



Go and nominate those you’d like to see considered for an award by filling in this quick form here.


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